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A city, streets where anyone walks the same streets over and over again. A map that often becomes a thread between the first and last day of life for so many people. Arcadia is a word used to designate a utopian space born from the mind of a poet. Most of the photos of this album are from the city of Lima, the city where I was born.

Those who know it,  know that this city is as far as possible from the concept of Arcadia, however I decided to use this word for  this series of photos. Many of these places no longer exist or will cease to exist soon, spaces where dreams and nightmares have been woven, where the former glory has given space to a chaotic city, full of dirt and a gray sky, a city that can often be tremendously depressing and oppressive, but that nevertheless is there like a book with a beautiful bound eaten by worms and that in the midst of its decline still retains some of that former glory.