My interest in photography as art began in my childhood, due in part to my father’s work and also to the fact that i lived near the historic center of Lima. Because of this, I had the chance to know the remains of the Courret archive (the most important photographic studio of Lima in the 19th century). All this generated in me an interest in photography and its origins, as well as in nature and history.

After finishing school I opted to study science with a specialty in Biology-Ecology. At the same time, I began studying on my own everything related to photography, this precisely in the transition period between analog to digital photography, which in the long run has allowed me to use a bit of both worlds in my creative processes.

I use both analog and digital equipment for my work and am currently experimenting with alternative printing techniques. My work focuses on topics such as the study of the forms of nature, ancient architecture and portraiture.

My inspiration comes from photographers like the Vargas brothers and Martín Chambi in the southern andes, the mexicans Graciela Iturbide, Juan Rulfo and Gabriel Figueroa, Felice Beato in Japan, the brazilian Sebastiao Salgado and Karl Blossfeldt from Germany, as well as pictorialists like Misonne. 

Likewise, my work is influenced by other sources such as japanese art -engraving, photography and cinema from the 60s and 70s, and the enigmatic painting of Tilsa Tsuchiya, Venancio Shinki and Gerardo Chávez in Peru and Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington in Mexico, among others. My work has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, Italy and Cuba.